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Cho Kyuhyun Facts - English VERSION

1. Kyuhyun came from the area in Seoul Nowon district.2. His family consisted of Mom, Dad, and older sister.3. Born on February 3, 1988.4. The high 180, and weighs 68. Blood type A.5. Got a sister named Cho Ara who was 2 years older than Kyuhyun.6. His father worked as chairman of an association of college and her brother in a foreign country.7. 조규현 is the Hangul for Cho Kyuhyun.8. Kyuhyun Christian. During 8 years old, she never recorded the song with her sister churches.9. When he was 16/17 years old, Kyuhyun follow-up Buddy Star Contest and won champion 3.10. Being a member since May 23, 2006 SJ on television. May 24, 2006 (official news article). May 27, 2006 (official debut, i-concert).11. Kyuhyun had a little trouble in his left ear because of infection when they were young. So his left ear slightly less hearing.12. Kyuhyun most like to play the game. Apparently she's already playing the game since grade 3 Sd.After school, Oppa rush to the house so I could quickly play the game. If there are friends who invites to play out, Kyuhyun politely answered "no" or Kyuhyun said that if she has not given money for snacks * hehehehe *13. Kyuhyun has more than 50 nicknames name.Because many, Leeteuk Oppa never nanyak name what the most Kyuhyun liked among the many nicknames. He said most prefer the name "Gamekyu"14. But Kyuhyun never said if he did not want to if people ngolok-ngolok as Gamekyu. Because her parents never nag. a. "Kyuhyun, why do you always play the game every day? You're a big Kyuhyun.What would happen if your job is only to play the game continue? think about your future!. b. Finally, because the words of ortunya it, Kyuhyun had time to stop playing games. And turned a hobby into a movie. Once he said, "Lately I often watch a movie, maybe someday I could become an actor."Because of his hobby of watching the film, until he was nicknamed "Drakyu" by Leeteuk.15. Until now Kyuhyun still aja tuh play the game. If it play the game she likes to forget the time. Malem Malem-after work, Kyuhyun will look fresh again if you've played the game. Zhou Mi until envy.16. Donghae is often awakened at midnight by hearing his cry Kyu. Kyu never really shouted loudly, till the Donghae Kyuhyun ngedatengin straight up and then asked what was wrong. He simply replied, "there is not nothing. I just got lost playing games ".* wahaha *17. Game favoritenya Kyu namely satrcraft and other games such as the Thousand Years, Diablo, Sudden Attack. Kyuhyun love to poison the other Suju members ie Donghae and Heechul. Kyuhyun had said in a radio interview time, if ever, he does not become a singer she would become professional gamers. Kyuhyun also once said that "The game could make it Relax."18. In addition to games and watching, Kyuhyun also like reading novels.19. Kyuhyun willing to sleep deprivation for the sake of playing games. Kyuhyun never once stopped playing games. Because time lost Kyuhyun keyboard. Apparently the keyboard was broken and hidden by Ryeowook.20. Lecture at the Kyunghee Kyuhyun department of Modern Music. Though he entered Hakwon ortunya want.21. Kyuhyun really like snow. he's a good skier. So he got the nickname "Skykyu"22. Most can not cook, never once made the hyung masakin his ramen, but because most of the water, ramennya so flabby, since then the hyung not allow Kyu went to the kitchen for cooking.23. Kangin to are confused about what to teach in Kyu, because he never entered the oil when cooking ham simple.24. Because can not cook, the other Suju members Kyuhyun call ramen as a legend because of the Han River are mostly water. But the word Kangin, Kyuhyun's cuisine actually delicious if cooked for himself Kyuhyun aja.25. Kyuhyun does not like to pick-choose food. But he does not like the same vegetables.26. Kyuhyun was hit pneumothorax, not by accident. He was sick at college emang pneumothorax.27. Close Kyuhyun Sungmin. Probably started when they play in the mini drama MNET, they also play on KBS Love family. They both told ngasuh children. They also cook for the kids, because it can not cook Kyuhyun, Sungmin become a cook.Kyuhyun was also carrying his little boy timidly.While Sungmin emang Jagonya with this.28. As part KBS family love with Sungmin. Kyuhyun displays a creepy voice at the piano. But it was the children rather than on fear of actually laughing.Seeing that, Kyuhyun immediately covered her face with both hands because of shame.29. Kyuhyun was also greatly admire TVXQ Micky Yoochun.30. Never introduce yourself in this way a."Annyeong Haseyo, I Kyuhyun with an average age under Super Junior member." Because his words, the automatic one that is in the studio laughing. b.Continue on SBS Intimate Note, he's just talking "Kyuhyun imnida" for some twenty minutes at the beginning of the show. In Intimate Note, Kim Gura asked where Kyuhyun live, Kyuhyun just answered "Kyuhyun imnida".31. Kyuhyun really hard fought.32. Kyuhyun is very good at playing Clarinet. He can play the Clarinet since high school grade 3. He also can play the piano. In "Boys in the city" Kyuhyun said if he wanted to learn to play the saxophone.33. HP's necklace is a gift from Yesung Kyuhyun Oppa.34. Favourite Taeyeon in the Member Suju is Kyuhyun.35. Ever had an accident in April 2007 with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Shindong and must be hospitalized and the vacuum of Super Junior for a few months. Kyuhyun suffered severe injuries. he is seated at the driver.36. Lee Soo Man had to cancel his schedule to visit the USA, it was because he wanted to see Kyuhyun in hospital after an accident.37. Kyuhyun really love with Heechul. Because when he was hospitalized because of an accident, Heechul was the one who always jenguk Kyuhyun every day. Time Kyuhyun came to, Heechul who always accompany him in the hospital.38. When I was in college, Kyu was greedy, so his cheeks so chubby. But after her debut, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk's so skinny like accident makes her weight dropped 20 pounds.39. Since the accident, the condition Kyuhyun up and down, automatically the Hyung give more attention. Kyuhyun is often a little acting. He never pretended to say not feeling well, if it were so the direct Hyung panic. 6-10 Kyuhyun said most people do not ask to him whether Kyuhyun okay? * Nosy yes *40. A new time entry BC because of limited space in the dorms, Kyuhyun not have a bed. He lived in a tent for several months. The fans say they want to buy a bed for Kyuhyun. This makes the manager was shocked. So they go to buy a bed. Feeling proud of his new bed, Kyu take photos of the bed and posted on the Internet. Even so, says the Hyung, Kyuhyun very dear to his tent in the past. He held much less angry if his tent removed.41. Kyuhyun less able to drive a car or motorcycle.42. Time Magazine Interview at Easy (2008), Kyuhyun said if a long time, he will pass the day by going into space.43. Kyuhyun had said in the interview time, if she wanted to foray into Hollywood.44. Mathematics and won an Olympic gold medal.45. Kyuhyun always working on math problems in your spare time.46. Many say if Kyuhyun similar to the artist Choi Sung Gook. He said the teeth and how to smile like him.47. Ryewook Kyuhyun says if it's a cute self.Although sometimes imutnya outrageous. Each can pile out awards from the fans. Kyuhyun definitely surprised continues. As if she has not realized that he was one of the most bejibun fans.Aja pengen Ryeowook Kyuhyun had a kayak nature.48. One of the SuJu members of philosophers and religious. Kangin never say to the members of Suju "You Should listen to hyung's words !!".. that if Kyuhyun again talking pepatah2.49. Kyu When asked "who is one - the only people who want you to say thank you?" ... Then Kyu answer if I choose just one between father and mother, there would be one of the angry. So I would choose the older sister of an age difference of 2 years upon me. And my sister was very beautiful.He always considered and called me as his son.Every time I sit down the computer, he will run away and immediately kissed and hugged me. Now he was studying in a foreign country. Each returned to Korea, she always bought me gifts. Another member said they had seen me jealous as well and as beautiful as her older brother, and hope that they too have had such a perfect sister.50. If sleeping, Kyuhyun definitely very hard ngoroknya "he admit himself." So if Kyuhyun've slept, another member of Super Junior Kyuhyun nutupin certainly use a pillow. Kyuhyun said he liked to sleep if drool * huh?? *51. Believe it with the Christmas story that when the children put stockings at Christmas will be given a gift from Santa. Then, Kyu have an idea, which put his baggy jeans instead of socks, because he is not big enough socks for a gift that he wants * ... ha ... ha ... oppa funny *52. Kyuhyun is so obsessed with the historical drama. Jumong aired once during the movie for 10 months in korea tv with a total 81 episodes. With loyal he was not ever watch the drama too.Kyuhyun finally earned the nickname "Kyumong".He also likes to watch drama Love in Paris, The Big Swindle, My Sassy Girl, Dae Jo yeong.Because the affection with My Sassy Girl, until he memorized the songs.53. An event, KBS Star Golden Bell, Suju to be a star guest. This event is the topic. "Now I am not a celebrity." Then Kyu said, "but people - people do not know me". In the past 3 months active members of Suju, Kyu longer time would visit the neighboring streets. Then the thoughts of people - people will know me then?? ". - Then there are 2 girls ngikutin Kyu continue. He thought they would ask for autographs. And in fact they even asked for help Kyu to buy cigarettes.54. SJ Kyuhyun including members richest to-3.After the first richest Siwon and Sungmin 2nd richest55. He said he never slap Jessica kyu-snsd because Eonni calling Kyuhyun "pumpkin".56. Thailand's most Kyuhyun sentence like: Rak Na Dek Ngo (I love you sweet girl.)57. Kyuhyun's favorite color is Blue, Black, White.58. Kyuhyun ideal type of girl: barambut long, round-eyed, beautiful legs and always cares for plus faithful.59. The most Kyuhyun Chinese Sentences like the Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I do not speak Mandarin), Tai Le Bu Xiang Hua and Fuwuyuar (waiter), (Kyuhyun most eloquently when told Fuwuyuar). He had been in the restaurant china. The food is already abis and Oppa talk aloud "Fuwuyuar". Pas waitress came and asked for Chinese language use. Users are confused about what Kyuhyun Oppa cos not too can speak chinese. * Hehhe *.60. Most can not resist laughter. a. The first evidence: Ever Kyu so could not resist laughing, he made Zhoumi shame. If it is currently shooting SJ-M singing the song Blue Tomorrow in one of Chinese television. Well, Zhoumi if it is currently unwell and is now part of a high-pitched singing, the sound Zhoumi not up and become very key.Kyu not hold ketawanya, sampai2 singing part taken over by Ryeowook and Kyu not stop laughing until the song finished. However, after that Kyu give hugs for hyung that She's embarrassed. b. Exhibit two: Never too when she was a live show, Super Junior featuring songs Sorry Sorry and then Eunhyuk was not there. Curiously, why Kyu who was appointed to replace Eunhyuk as a dancer arm? Why not Heechul Donghae or more good?We know if Kyu is not too good at dancing, so dance into strange hands. He even laughed at himself. Wookie ngelihatnya grinning. Hangeng ngeliatin Kyu minute. Long Wonnie ngeliatin Kyu playing his hand. Donghae also want to laugh, Yesung've actually laughed out loud. And that's on the stage.61. Kyuhyun very fascinated with artist Kim Tae Hae and Jun Ji Hyun.62. Kyuhyun has a scathing speech (if he is angry).63. Kyuhyun had said the time in star golden bell challenge (May 2009) he was my favorite member in Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung. For once in kenalin Kyuhyun same people the same kind of gamer Kyu true. But several minutes later direct Kyuhyun said that if the member's favorite ANDY.64. It turned out that very same Kyuhyun ngefans the singer Sung Kyung and Lee quasi ra. At that time in the interview, he also said he is also the same ngefans singer A-mei from Taiwan.65. Kyuhyun Favorite food: pork chop, (iuuuuh), seafood, and jajangmyeon.66. Kyuhyun favorite movie: "The Constitution of Crime" & "Romeo & Juliet".67. Niruin Kyuhyun really like the sound of the Kyung Sung by talking rich Gini, "Jal Jayo".68. Her favorite song in the SuJu M: MIRACLE.69. Kyuhyun really like to learn English.70. Kyuhyun often sing the song "NAYOSEUMYEON" (If It Was Me ),,,, (if in order to sing he would choose that song for the sing.)71. People who are quiet, but when asked to talk about the game can speak at length.72. Like Yujacha than regular tea or soda.73. Achievements Kyu often doubted by the hyungnya because once one punch elevator numbers 12 to 21. The story One day when members of Suju Malem home to their apartment, Kyuhyun pressed the button for the elevator to their apartment on the 12th floor. Up at the front door because the doors were surprised at their apartment full of graffiti-graffiti from fans so clean.The door also can not be opened. After the check they were located on floors 21 rather than 12.74. Close to Sungmin and never answer questions from the ELF in UFOtown.com a. Q: "How do I get a heart-Kyu oppa?" B. Kyuhyun: "I do not know. But if you want to get it, you have to ask permission from Sungmin. "75. Ranked 2 in the highest IQ in Super Junior is his first position was occupied by Kibum who has an IQ of 138.76. Type of guy who can make girls melt hearts with just silence and a melodious voice.77. Entrance 2 sub-group in the Super Junior, Super Junior - M (along with Hankyung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Zhoumi and Henry) and KRY(Containing the main vocals in the Super Junior Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung).78. Favorite brand name Doublesice Kyuhyun.79. Taeyeon favorite member of SJ is Kyuhyun, never nervous when she met with Kyuhyun

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